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How to get T55A for personal combat missions

Detailed information on how to get the T55A for personal combat missions - a tier 9 tank added to the list of awards for completing personal combat missions 1.0

How to get T55A for personal combat missions

The T-55A is one of the most powerful tanks at its tier. Possesses good mobility, has sufficient movement speed. A weapon with good damage per second, sufficient penetration. But with absolutely no elevation angles. And also random armor, which can fail at the right time, or not break through in an absolutely stalemate situation.
Т55А for personal combat missions | Ez-Play
To receive the T55A for personal combat missions, you must complete all 15 personal combat missions. This is an absolutely versatile tank suitable for both aggressive play and defense in any direction.

Overview of the T55A tank

The weapon has good dpm (damage per minutes), accurate enough, but there will be minor problems with penetration, only 221. Of the minuses, these are elevation angles, they are just disgusting, one might say the gun does not bend at all because of this there are a lot of inconveniences. There is reservations, but many weak points, such as the commander's tower, when hitting which they kill the commander, when hitting the ndl can damage the fuel side and set it on fire, if the fuel tank is already damaged, then when you hit the tank, you are 100% likely to catch fire, so it is still worth stocking up on automatic fire extinguishers.
The tank's visibility and camouflage is pretty good.

Service on the site

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Awards for completing personal combat missions Т55А

For the passage of this operation, you can get about 6 million silver, many different ammunition (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, combat kit, etc.). After completing all 15 personal combat missions for CTs, you will receive a Tank Girl and four award sheets. If you order the passage of personal combat missions from us, in addition to being higher, you will receive a large number of battles for the result, as a result of which your victory percentage, average damage and much more will rise.

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