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How to get Chimera for personal combat missions

Operation Chimera is about combat missions in any battle. They can be carried out on tanks from Tier VII to X. All tasks are distributed according to national associations: Union, Bloc, Alliance, and Coalition. The complexity of the tasks increases, but the rewards also increase: you will be able to get more than 4,000,000, a whole bunch of equipment and also, up to 6 days of a premium account - and all this is only for 1 of 4 chains of combat missions

Chimera as a tank?

Chimera is a British heavy tank project. Its task was to outshine the Soviet IS-3. All forces were focused on improving the combat characteristics, and in the framework of the project on paper, it turned out well. However, despite many innovative solutions, the tank was never made in hardware. The creators of the game prefer extraordinary and also ambitious projects, for this reason they did not pass by this tank either, although they made it not heavy, but MT. HT is not capable of such an amazing mobility and powerful weapon! At the same time, the tank's reservation was also retained, which made it possible to create a true imba in WoT. We will not analyze each task in this article, we will give small recommendations for each association.
Chimera for personal combat missions | Ez-Play

Tasks of the Alliance Association

The Alliance missions for Operation Chimera can be performed on US, British, and Polish vehicles of Tier 7 or higher. The tasks of this association are really very difficult, you need to carefully analyze each task, somewhere it will be easier to complete the task on artillery, somewhere heavy tanks are ideal. Feel free to use gold shells. You don't always have to play to win, good luck for the tankers!

Objectives of the "Coalition" Association

The missions of the Coalition for Operation Chimera can be performed on vehicles from France, Sweden, Italy and Czechoslovakia level 7 or higher. During the second operation "Chimera" (for vehicles from Tier VII) you will need to use your skill in every battle. In tasks of this type, it is required to fulfill the set condition in one battle (as was the case in the first campaign): inflict certain damage on the enemy, destroy a sufficient amount of his equipment, and so on.

Tasks of the "Block" union

Block Combine Tasks for Operation Chimera can be performed on German and Japanese Tier 7 or higher vehicles. Tasks The block is much lighter than everyone else, if you can complete the previous tasks, you will most likely have no problems with this combination. But one of the tasks may seem more difficult than the others, this is Block 8 - Set fire to a car of an enemy of your level or higher. Often it will not be difficult for an experienced tanker to set fire to an enemy tank, but there is also some luck in this. You need to know where the fuel tank of each tank is, no matter how strange it sounds, you need to choose opponents who burn more often. At one time these were Soviet level 10 items.

Objectives of the Union "Union"

The tasks of the Union "Union" for Operation "Chimera" can be performed on the equipment of the USSR and China of the 7th level and above. There are two problematic tasks, let's start with the first one.
Union 6 task - Destroy 3 enemy vehicles in the first 3 minutes of the battle, while it is desirable to win and survive, the USSR and China have little equipment that can allow to kill 3 tanks in such a short period of time, here you need to have a little luck, for this task it is better choose mobile guns with a short reload time, or powerful guns that can kill with one shot, it all depends on your playing style

Union 15 task - The amount of damage dealt, received and blocked by armor must be 10,000 or more units. This is probably the most difficult task in all chimera unions. The logical choice here is either an armored HT with a powerful cannon, or an armored TD. Good luck on the battlefields!

Where to buy Chimera

You can't buy a chimera. You can only pump, but you can order a pumping. A lot of sites sell chimera at a record low price, but after paying you will only get disappointment. This vehicle is a reward vehicle and does not require pumping additional modules, it has an “Elite” status, brings more experience for each battle, and also has a number of other features.

Service on the site

Where to order pumping Chimera wot? Our team is ready to help you get Chimera for personal combat missions. By following our recommendations, you can avoid being banned , and get a tank, as well as a large number of fights for a great result, to place an order, click here - push

Chimera Personal Missions Rewards

As it was already written above, for executing one branch you will receive more than 4 million, and in this operation there are 4 branches. You will receive about 16 million silver, a huge number of different ammunition sets, and if you order from us, a large number of battles for a purple result. That is, you get not only a tank (by the way, one of the best at its level), silver and so on, but also a huge boost in statistics, average damage, percentage of victories. As they say, a trifle, but nice.

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