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How to get Object 260 for personal combat missions

Useful information for obtaining the Object 260 tank for personal combat missions - a tier 10 tank added to the list of awards for completing personal combat missions 1.0

How to get Object 260

To get the Object 260, you need to complete all 15 personal combat missions or order the passage of LBZ on our website. Let's look at both methods below.
Object 260 for personal combat missions | Ez-Play

Object 260 as a tank?

The Object 260 is a multipurpose heavy tank. He is able to restrain or squeeze the direction, while doing a lot of damage. Thanks to its good speed and dynamics, the tank, if necessary, is able to work in team with MT to move to the other end of the map or return to base in order to knock down the capture. The Object 260's weapon is comfortable, especially by the standards of the Soviet HT: excellent aiming, accuracy, as well as rate of fire, significant one-time damage, excellent armor penetration (the basic type of projectile is sub-caliber ammunition). With booking, everything is fine, without exception, but there are some nuances: on the one hand, the tower is very strong, but the forehead of the hull in the form of a pike nose often repels, among other things, special projectiles from opponents; on the other hand, the tank has a large NLD, which simply breaks through, and the roof of the tower swallows the situation according to the law of 3 calibers - the presence of this is criticized for packing, the presence of a hit in the lower lobe of the tower's forehead causes a shell to ricochet into the roof of the hull - also causing damage. In addition, the tank is vulnerable when placed with a diamond: the damage goes through the front rollers, as well as the nearest part of the pike nose. However, Object 260's defenses can be overwhelming, thanks in large part to the vehicle's streamlined shape and screens. The main disadvantage of the tank is a small margin of safety. For this reason, riding some opponents or drummers is very dangerous. Also Object 260 is afraid of artillery and TD with large calibers. However, it is important to understand that the situation in battle can be formed in such a way that you will have to hold back the enemy's pressure.

How to complete tasks on Object 260

Our team will give you some tips for completing the tasks on the Object 260

  • First, try to complete the 15th tasks with honors, as for this you will be given forms that will be useful for you to skip any branch. For example, you don’t like to play art or you simply don’t have a suitable technique, the forms will help you close this thread.
  • Play on the class that you want to complete, that is, if you perform HT15, play on heavy tanks, thanks to this you will quickly come to the desired result
  • Learn to play on other mistakes, for example, watching the streams of other players or just watching your allies think about what to do and what you would do, learn new positions on the maps, do not be afraid to try new things
  • Never give up, try to the last. Believe me, the result will not be long in coming

Service on the site

If you do not want to waste time and nerves, the Ez-Play team will help you achieve your goal. If you order from us, you will receive not only the coveted tank, but also a huge number of battles for the purple result. NO BACKGROUNDS . Our team works extremely honestly, if any force majeure occurs, you will be refunded the money. And one more thing, if you follow all the recommendations, you will avoid the ban from the developers, during the entire work there was not a single ban, to place an order, click here - push

Rewards for completing personal combat missions for Object 260

For the passage of this operation, you can get about 12 million silver, many different ammunition (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, combat kit, etc.). After completing all 15 personal combat missions for CTs, you will receive a Tank Girl and four award sheets. If you order the passage of personal combat missions from us, in addition to what is written above, you will receive a large number of battles for the result, as a result of which your victory percentage, average damage and much more will rise.

Object 260 is one of the most powerful tier 10 tanks, the tank is ideal for aggressive strategies due to its triangular arc. Thanks to its excellent mobility, remarkable weapons, as well as decent armor, but also the absence of pronounced shortcomings, the tank is versatile in use. It is comfortable to play on every map.

Object 260 for personal combat missions LBZ | Ez-Play

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