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How to get Stug 4 for personal combat missions

With the aim of acquiring prema Stug-4, you must complete either all, without exception, 5 chains of personal combat missions, or any of 4 of them with honors.

How to complete personal combat missions easier and faster?

The main thing is to choose the right military equipment. Fundamentally, personal combat missions are divided into 2 types: 1) in which it is necessary to fill / light up a specific number of hitpoints (HP, HP). For such tasks, you need to take a high-level tank, so the opponents will have more than enough HP (enough for everyone), and you will also have stronger weapons. 2) in which it is necessary to kill / light up a specific number of opponents. For this, the technique of middle levels is more suitable (it will become easier to fill frags, especially when you hit the top).
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Which tanks to choose for completing personal combat missions on Stug 4?

In most cases, only 15 tasks of each class of tanks cause difficulties, we will analyze the tasks separately

Light tanks for personal combat missions

To perform LT15, you will need to shine a lot, i.e. transmit information about the location of opponents, often this task depends on your luck, nowadays it is difficult to rely on allies. To speed up the passage, we advise you to install such equipment - a grid, aiming drives and a stereo tube

Heavy tanks for passing personal combat missions for stug 4

The main thing is blocking and causing damage to HT 15, one of the hardest LBZ in World of tanks. Also, TANKING with caterpillars or a reverse rhombus must be learned, as well as the angle of inclination of the armor. There are a lot of things to understand on heavy tanks, but tanking and damage are the most important.

TD for personal combat missions

TDs are meant to deal damage. So do not get out on the rampage, stand behind the shining LT or other tanks. Also, shoot the damage, especially in the 15 task for stug 4 it is not necessary to survive at the end of the battle. The TD can be fitted with a grid

MT for completing personal combat missions

The task of MT15 in comparison with others is quite simple, it is simpler only A15, to complete MT15 you just need to play, deal damage, support allies, make kills

Conditions for obtaining Stug 4

Having made the main requirement of the final individual combat mission of the chain, the participant will acquire 4 award sheets. The implementation of the additional conditions of the last test ("excellent") makes it possible to purchase one more additional award sheet (for this you do not need to overcome the whole chain perfectly). How many award sheets should be purchased in order to purchase an original tank? You need to get 20 award sheets in one operation. Having completed 4 quest chains with distinction, the participant acquires all, without exception, 20 award sheets in advance, i.e. it is possible to skip the execution of the military chain for an unpopular class of equipment of the tank environment.

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Stug 4 quests and rewards

For the passage of this operation, you can get about 3 million silver, many different ammunition (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, combat kit, etc.). The tasks in operation Stug 4 are pretty easy, since this is the first operation, it is for introductory purposes
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If you complete 4 of the last 5 tasks, you can skip the remaining one, since you need to collect 20 award sheets, this is enough to get a tank

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