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Boost Service

Dalaran's abduction

Выберите главу, которую необходимо пройти

Description of the service

🕓   Due date is negotiable.


💡   You can choose one or several services from the list below:

  • Beat Chapter 1 on Normal or Heroic
  • Beat Chapter 2 on Normal or Heroic
  • Beat Chapter 3 on Normal or Heroic
  • Beat Chapter 4 on Normal or Heroic
  • Beat Chapter 5   on Normal or Heroic


🔒   Rules and account requirements:

  • Don't log into your account while the boost is in progress.
  • To complete the adventure, you need to buy it or have gold to buy it.
  • Be sure to check only one of the available options for the desired adventure - Karazhan, League of Explorers, Black Mountain, Naxxramas.  
  • If you want to order more than one adventure, please contact our operators.


🔔   We recommend:

  • Do not login 24 hours before and 24 hours   after completing work.
  • Do not log into the account, so that there are no intersections by ip and mac addresses.  
  • Do not perform work on accounts in different stores or from drivers.
  • There are a number of requirements for an account (deck), check with the operator.


💬   Contact our operator in the lower right corner for details,   as well as answers to all your questions.


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