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Boost Service

Farm gold WoW


How many thousand gold do you need?

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The ordered amount of gold for your character. You can choose the delivery option as an option or inform the operator.


💡 Features of the service:

  • Minimum order of 50,000 gold.
  • Delivery time: from 5 minutes.  
  • We deliver gold for the Alliance and Horde. Any servers.
  • Delivery options: By hand, via auction, via game mail.  


🔔   Gold delivery methods:

Handover in the center of one of the capitals.

  • Orgrimmar for the Horde and Stormwind for the Alliance.  
  • Gold is handed over to you, in exchange you put any trash to disguise the deal as a trade, which will make it invisible to the GM.

Game mail.

  • We send gold by mail to your character's name.
  • Convenient in cases when you buy gold without the opportunity to get it right away. And also at night.

Delivery via auction:

  • You put up lots at the auction, and we buy them back. Check with the operator for details.
  • This is the safest delivery method, but it requires additional effort.


ATTENTION!   Before paying for your order, check with the operator about the availability of gold and delivery times.


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Total payable: 45 USD

The order will be completed in 7 days