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How to pass LT 1 to T55a 2022

Detailed information on how to get the T55A for personal combat missions - a tier 9 tank added to the list of awards for completing personal combat missions 1.0 on your own 2022

LT-1. Only victory (T-55A)

Main condition:
-Place in the top 3 by experience on your team
2. To win
-Kill the enemy / capture or defend the base
-Do not be destroyed as a result of the battle

What and how to perform LT1 on the T-55A

Here, in fact, everything is very simple, you just can take any light tank from level 6 and play as you want. Just light up your team and avoid head-to-head gunfights, try to play as carefully as possible. You can collect a platoon with which you will play together. As a last resort, you can watch how streamers play, such as NIDIN, Sh0tnik, and others.

LT1 Т-55А | Ez-Play

Service on the site

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Reward for completing LT-1 on T-55a

For the main condition you receive 200,000 credits, and if you fulfill the additional condition, then you will be given another 100,000 credits.

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