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How to get a Chieftain for the New Winter Event GK 2022

It is worth saying that Chieftain is currently the strongest tank in our favorite game, its potential is just a giant, this tank tears everything in its path in randomness and is the most demanded tanks in the fortifications and the global map

T95 / FV4201 Chieftain as a tank?

Chieftain for gm New winter event2022  | Ez-Play
T95/FV4201 Chieftain very versatile, its speed of 44 km / h is a very good indicator for a heavy tank, elevation angles of -10 degrees that allow you to break everyone while standing from the tower behind cover, a gun with a one-time alpha of 440 hp and a reload time of 8 seconds makes this tank an incredibly strong imboy.

How to get the T95 / FV4201 Chieftain tank for the 2022 global map

You can play in your clan and try to get a tank yourself, if you are not a member of a clan, then you will have to find an active clan, first of all, you need to look at the fortification of the clan's area, whether they play at lvl 10 or not (if the clan plays with them have experience and they understand how the battle takes place at the event) You also need to look at the statistics on the main battery (it must be at least 50% of victories, if it is lower, then the chance of getting a tank in such a clan is very low)

What will be required of you if you decide to order this service from us

  • Minimum 3-4 tanks lvl 10 (exceptions may need to be discussed personally with the operator)
  • Premium account for at least 10 days
  • Sufficient Silver

Two More Ways to Get the T95 / FV4201 Chieftain for Global Maps

Service on the site

  • The second and easiest option is you transfer your account to our employees and we play for you and get the tank, saving you time and nerves.
  • The third, but not the easiest option, you can personally play our clan on your account, but for this you will spend at least 6-7 days of the game (you will receive 100% of the risks of any tank) - Push

For more information, please contact the operator's chat or the contacts in the section on the website.

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