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How to get a Kampfpanzer 07 RH

Here we will look at the new German tank Kampfpanzer 07 RH, and how to get it.

Kampfpanzer 07 RH how is the tank?

As the developers say, "This is a rare and dangerous beast faster than lightning, and its every shot is charged with power. Cornering it is not easy, but if you show your skills and complete the necessary tasks, you can take this hunter into your collection, along the way earning a lot of valuable rewards."

VIII Kampfpanzer 07 RH —German Tier VIII medium premium tank, but at the same time it is located at the junction of the ST and LT types. This car has an excellent top speed of 65 km / h and incredible dynamics, which allows it to occupy key positions on the battlefield before most of the players. Fast and merciless, the Kampfpanzer 07 RH can instantly pick up speed and change flanks multiple times in a fight, easily going behind unsuspecting opponents.

Its 9cm gun is characterized by good stabilization and rate of fire, as well as fast reloading and mixing. The Kampfpanzer 07 RH delivers an excellent 2400 HP of damage per minute and is capable of shooting efficiently on the move. The vehicle pays for its high maneuverability with weak frontal armor and a very vulnerable turret. In addition, the tank does not have outstanding indicators of armor penetration and one-time damage. The Kampfpanzer 07 RH can be an easy target if the enemy catches it on the way to the position. The most effective tactic will be the game between the first and second lines of attack, where the tank will be able to quickly support the allies from the flank. It is not easy to adapt to the game on this vehicle, but if you use its incredible mobility and rapid-fire weapon wisely, you will not envy the enemy! One of the most notable features of the Kampfpanzer 07 RH is the swinging tower. The same is found on some popular French cars. However, there has never been anything like this among German tanks in the game. Its shape is quite peculiar, so if you like cars with an unusual appearance, this predator will delight you.

Is it worth working for Kampfpanzer 07 RH

In our subjective opinion, it's worth it. Excellent maneuverability, 2400 damage per minute, for a tier 8 tank this is simply excellent. The tank has a reload speed of 4.22 seconds, and if you install a boom fan and a rammer, the tank will reload for about 3 seconds. Do not forget about chocolate, which gives + 10% to the crew skills. By all its characteristics, the tank can become a new level 8 imboy, so what, in fact, we'll see tomorrow!

How to get a Kampfpanzer 07 RH

In total, the marathon will last 11 days, during this time you need to complete 10 tasks of varying complexity, not everyone can handle it, there are several ways, about them below.

Service on the site

Our team invites you to save time and hassle and help you get the Kampfpanzer 07 RH in just 5 days. If you follow all the recommendations, you are absolutely protected from developer sanctions, you will not be banned! We will help you complete any task individually or all from scratch, just click here - push

Try to get it yourself

To do this, we can also help you, after the tasks are released, a detailed guide will be released on our website, for their passage, often not everyone can get a tank for a marathon, if you didn’t succeed yourself, but there is still time, we will help you, the first days of the marathon, a 10% discount will be available on the site using the EZBOOST promo code. Stay tuned for updates on our website, and good luck on the battlefields!
Kampfpanzer 07 RH | Ez-Play

How to play for Kampfpanzer 07 RH

Based on its combat characteristics, this tank is suitable for fighting from the second line, very strong dps (damage per minute), very good mobility even for the station, but unfortunately very weak armor, both in the tower and in the hull. The tank is suitable for support literally on all flanks, a very fast reload and movement speed will help create chaos for the enemy on the map, and get the necessary advantage.

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